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Newsletters / Research

This section contains our free research reports. We publish new reports regularly as we feel compelled to. It may be a valuation of a website currently on the marketplace, or some other research into website valuation. Please see below to view our valuation reports.

Please note, that any site we value in this research section is independently valued, and we are in no way in contact or remunerated by the owner.


20  April 2010

Newsletter: Mergers & acquisitions for website owners

Newsletter summary: This article was written to provide website owners and purchasers with information and examples into how having a targeted and well thought out website mergers and acquisition (M&A) strategy can assist in the expansion of your online business and create significant website synergies, therefore significantly increasing owner’s profits.



18  March 2010

Newsletter: Reporting and valuing a website for financial statements

Research conducted: Discusses the requirements for reporting a website as an intangible asset on financial statements according to International Financial Reporting Standards




26  October 2009

Research: eBook Seller Websites

Research conducted: Research into the the values for the sale of websites selling eBooks

Recommendation: Based on our research into what previous eBook seller websites have been priced at, and why we recommend no more then 2.5 times monthly earnings for most sites of this kind.


15  June 2009


Research: Website Valuation


For sale link: SitePoint Market Place

Auction Ends: 14 July

Recommendation: Valuation range        between $615 - $753 and the site having a Buy It Now of $500, we rate this as a BUY if there can be confidence in the figures and information provided by the seller at  sitepoint