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Website Mergers & Acquisition Service

nEquity advises clients on website mergers & acquisitions of all kinds. Website owners are able to use our services to assist in generating ideas on how to grow their internet businesses and therefore significantly increase profits through a targeted website M&A strategy. This growth is generally due to the achievement of synergies through the use of two or more websites working together. To read a further nEquity article about how website M&A can grow your internet business please click here.

We assist in generating ideas on appropriate website acquisitions that can grow your internet business. Then the process involves identifying the appropriate acquisition criteria, in filtering the population of prospects, selecting and confidentially approaching key targets, evaluating the strategic match with the targets, convincing them to sell their business (if required), and in negotiating with prospects.
The acquisition process takes place in close dialogue between acquirer and adviser. No steps are taken without the consent of the acquirer.

The acquisition process in summary:

  • Initial strategy on how to grow the internet business through M&A strategy and initial clarification of understanding between acquirer and adviser
  • Clarification of strategy for acquisition and development of effective search criteria
  • Identification of list of prospects
  • Consensus between acquirer and adviser as to who to contact and how
  • Provision of information in the form of brochures, financial statements etc. for the chosen prospects
  • Execution of initial anonymous contacts to establish if prospects are for sale (if website not already for sale)
  • Presentation to acquirer and evaluation of the opportunities for acquisition. Also financial modelling of likely financial outcomes
  • Decision to move on with further investigation with one or a few candidates
  • Negotiations
  • Due diligence - We undertake a multi-step due diligence process to mitigate risks as much as we can of acquirer being sold a site that is purporting to be what it is not.
  • Closing


If you are interested in using our website acquisition services please email us or use the contact us page to give us some information on your website business and and any other information you may have.

We will then email you back with potential ideas on an M&A growth strategy and a fee quote for our services.