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Website Due Diligence Services

nEquity is able to perform due diligence service to assist in your website purchase. This is a critical and one of the most important processes to assist in verifying that the your website investment is what the seller claims it to be.

We perform a 10 step check to help reduce your risk of purchase:

  • Ownership verification
  • Domain history inquiries
  • Traffic and stats confirmation
  • Traffic continuity confirmation
  • Understanding of business model and continuity
  • Recalculation of net profit and other financials
  • Assesment of work involved in maintaining/building
  • Reading between the lines for inaccuracies
  • Miscellaneous other checks
  • Conclusion


If you are interested in using our due diligence services please complete the form below or email us at We will then respond with a fee quote for the service.



General Information


Email Address*:               

Phone (optional):              

Website interested in URL*:    

Date Website Established: 

Advertisement of website for sale:    

(this is the address of where the 'for sale' advertisement for the website, if available)

Financial Information

Avg Monthly Revenue:          

Avg Monthly Costs:               

Avg Monthly Unique Visitors:  

Avg Monthly Visitors:             


Business Information

Where does the website source most of its traffic from? ie. Google AdWords, search engine, offline advertising etc.  Please give as much detailed information about traffic as possible


What are the website's revenue streams? ie. Google AdSense, Direct Sales, etc. Please give as much of a detailed breakdown as possible


Please outline how the website business operates. Information such as how products are sourced, etc. Also any other important information about the website.