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Website Valuation Service

Our website valuations are the core of our services. We generally deal in the valuation of websites that fit the $100 to $100,000 range. To see an example report CLICK HERE.

The valuation of websites is not an easy task, and most valuators do not have the necessary skills required to value such a complex intangible asset in this very niche market such as ourselves.

By using our extensive expertise and proprietary valuation techniques, we value websites from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

We provide our clients with a fully detailed report presenting the qualitative factors of the website and forecasts and values based on our proprietary methods and models. A one size fits all valuation technique does not work for valuing a complex asset as a website, therefore we use numerous techniques depending on the website to derive the most objective and fair valuation possible.

Using our service can help the seller and/or buyer with determining a fair price, and provide either with assurance about the sites value.

Our valuations also provide a comparable valuations to determine the likely price the site will sell for in the market place. By conducting a database search of comparable sites recently sold we are able to determine a likely range that the site will sell for.

To REQUEST your website valuation CLICK HERE

After ordering we will get back to you with a price quote for the valuation and issue the invoice via PayPal.

Valuations costs range anywhere from $50 to $1000+ depending on the size of the site's current revenue, traffic etc and nature of the task.


  • Sample Report

Click here to download the free report (.pdf)